ADEA's Sustainability Journey

Sustainability in today's consumerist society is not a luxury but a must-have. The ecologically oriented consumer is significantly attentive to his picking of products with concerns about the environmental impacts before setting his preferences in a shopping basket. We have pioneered in ADEA reducing our ecological footprints and protecting the planet, with 60% of the offered products produced through raw materials, friendly to the environment.

What is an Eco-Friendly Product?

Among ecological products, there are products with very low environmental impact at the design and production stage, produced from natural and renewable resources in complete or great percentage recyclable materials. At ADEA, we are committed to environmental protection and sustainable living by providing this line to the consumer.

ADEA and Sustainability

ADEA is produced with a sustainable perspective, using friendly products for the environment in most of its product lines. This helps not only the consumer in saving from the detrimental impacts to the environment but also holds great importance in protecting global resources.
We care about the environment, and for this reason, our products are ecologically friendly, reducing your carbon footprint while permitting great savings in water and energy use.

Features of Our Eco-Friendly Products

Organic Materials: Our agriculturally produced materials are free of environmentally harmful pesticides and chemicals.

Renewable Resources: The materials used are obtained without exceeding the self-renewing capacity of nature.

Energy Efficiency: Our production processes are based on minimum energy use and maximum efficiency.

Reduced Waste: The amount of waste generated during the packaging and transportation of our products is minimized.

Why Should You Choose Eco-Friendly Products?

People favor nature by using eco friendly products and at the same time, they open the doors of health for living life. If the product is chemical-free, then there will be no allergy and other problems related to health. If the product is resource sustainable, then a cleaner world can be left for the coming generation. In doing so, ADEA aims for sustainability by ensuring 60% of the products sold are environmentally friendly. You could be part of us by choosing environmentally friendly products as part of your habit of shopping. Let's create the future together!